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REVIEW | Outlander - Episode 1.08 - "Both Sides Now"

In the midseason finale of Outlander, entitled “Both Sides Now,” Frank Randall, finds himself on the cusp of the most heartbreaking of decisions, and is far from knowing anything even close to the truth about his wife’s disappearance. Unlike the recent weeks we’ve spent deep in the heart of ancient Scotland, this episode saw us return to her highlands in 1945 and to the heartbreaking situation in which Frank now finds himself: one where the police are all of the belief that she’s run away with another man, and his only hope is no hope at all. Nothing more than a strange, far-fetched supernatural old wives tale of how she may have accidentally fallen through time via the magicked ground of Craig Na Dun. Palpable with grief and frustration, Frank is faced with the choice of letting her go and leaving her memory to the highlands he lost her in, or stay behind, in hope that she’s still out there somewhere and wants to come home.

Meanwhile, fresh from her recent nuptials, Claire is relishing the journey with her new husband and the raw power of the emotional effect they have on each other. So entranced is she though, that she almost misses the fact she is now little more than a hill away from the enchanted stone circle from whence she came not long ago. But will she take the chance to run, in the hope of finding her way home to her own time and back into Frank’s arms? Or is Jamie’s hold over her heart now too strong for her to let go of? And all the while, circling ever closer and just below the surface is the vicious Captain Randall, who remains as desperate as ever to uncover the secrets he knows Claire is holding about who she truly is.

Blood will be shed; bonds will be broken; and a man left behind will face the hardest choice he has ever known. With all that in mind, let’s dive into the episode shall we? Because lord knows there’s much to discuss.



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