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EXCITED | Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Official Trailer

Blistering action? Check. Ooodles of Avengery awesomeness? Check. Chris Evans in a suit so fitted he makes George Clooney's Batsuit look looser than a politician's morals? SO. MUCH. CHECK.

The epic final trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out and I can honestly say 2014 can't come fast enough. Aside from the battle sequences (which look amazing), it will be interesting to see if the film really lives up to the character driven drama it seems to really tease.

Maybe it's a by-product of the wonderful character development brought to the table particularly by actors like Robert Downey Jr (Tony Stark/Iron Man) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki), and visionary directors like Joss Whedon, but it really seems like Chris Evans has been given a much better vehicle than the first Captain America film to take the actual character of Steve Rogers for a walk, as opposed to just Captain America. Similar, perhaps, to how Christian Bale was able to strike a strong character balance between Bruce Wayne and Batman because of the story construct Christopher Nolan provided in the Dark Knight films.

Either way, I reckon this film is going to be a stellar one, and I can't WAIT to see how it ties in with the following, second Avengers installment, Avengers Assemble (currently slated for release in 2015).

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