• Erin Brown

LOVE | Sam Smith Covers Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car'

For a lot of people, it will be Sam Smith's hauntingly beautiful voice alone that makes them go out and buy his records. I think I've already posted one of his tracks - his seminal ballad of the broken hearted called "Stay With Me" - and if you've heard it, you'll get what I mean about why his sound is just so addictive. For me though, my favourite thing about him has nothing to do with his sound - as much as I love it. I love the fact that when he sings, I believe him. Without question. He knows what he's talking about. Indeed, when he sings about love, and loss, and lessons learned along the way, there is this hauntingly beautiful and unassuming authenticity to him that you can't help be captured by. This gorgeous cover he did of Tracy Champman's iconic song of love, sacrifice and running away to a better life, is no exception. Seriously. Just close your eyes and listen. This song is amazing.

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