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​LOVE | The Inadvertent Feminist: Emma Watson's #HeForShe Speech to The UN

As encouraging as Emma Watson's words are to hear for women, to all of my male friends and family who see this link appear in their news feed: I urge you to watch this video, and consider the compassionate, inspiring and empowering thoughts she imparts to you, too, on the other side of the gender fence. She is such a moving, brilliant and formidable testament to the existence of not only wisdom and substance in the younger generations - so often accused of selfishness these days, and told that they are not made of the same worthy metal of their forebears for one reason or another - but also in the power of celebrity to do something truly worthwhile. Indeed, in a world full of overexposed, vapid reality starlets who care for nothing but where their next endorsement is coming from, Emma Watson is a breath of utterly fresh air. Seriously. Watch. Her spirit is the kind that lights sparks.

For more information on the #HeForShe campaign, visit

And be heard.

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