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LOVE | Sara Bareilles Covers Sia's 'Chandelier'

Sometimes you just find an artist that not only speaks to you, but captures the heart of a song you love. The first time I heard Sia sing 'Chandelier' - a blasting ballad of survival, summed up by the concept of holding on for dear life - I was overwhelmed not just with her raw honesty, but also at how she could draw such a viscerally beautiful song out of something that was obviously incredibly painful to face. I loved the song, and could not imagine anyone else doing it justice.

And then comes Sara Bareilles. She is a musician that arguably has a knack for discovering the deepest heart of a song, in a way that few bar the original writer ever could, and such is the case with 'Chandelier'. Covering it at one of her live shows, Bareilles is as fierce as she is exquisitely beautiful in her faultless interpretation of Sia's music and lyrics. So do yourself a favour. Watch. And prepare to be moved.

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